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    Nylon, Pebax, Grilamid

    Since its development in 1935, Nylon tubing has found a home in applications ranging from automotive and aerospace to life saving medical devices and equipment. Today the family of nylon resins has expanded to meet the demands of a wide range of custom applications. The versatility of this polymer has made it an industry standard.
    As a pioneer in the extrusion of precision engineered polymers, Zeus recognizes the unique performance attributes of nylon 6/6, 11, 12, and PEBA. Not content with ordinary nylon, our Advanced Materials Group has used sophisticated materials science and specialized processes to enhance the inherent characteristics of nylon and produce new offerings that are truly extraordinary. It encompasses engineered nylon resins such as Zytel?, Rilsan?, Grilamid?, Vestamid?, Pebax? and others, giving our customers more choices in advanced performance nylon tubing.
    Nylon Tubing Products
    Extruded Tubing
    Lay-Flat Tubing
    Spiral Cut Tubing
    Bump Tubing
    While we have many nylon tubing offerings, where Zeus really excels is custom applications. We regularly collaborate with customers developing new products or seeking enhancements of existing products, applying a wealth of resources to conceive and then produce tubing that meets individual project specifications. These resources include our technical sales team, Research & Development, state-of-the-art analytical and test labs, a generous sample program, and multiple facilities in North America and internationally.
    Our nylon tubing solutions are available in a wide range of made-to-order sizes, properties, and extruded forms. These forms range from ultra-thin wall "Sub-Lite-Wall"? tubing to long continuous lengths of precision Lay-Flat tubing. Even challenges such as multi-lumen bump tubing used for precision minimally invasive surgical devices are within Zeus’ capabilities.
    More information on the properties of Nylon resins can be found in our Technical Services section. If you have any questions about our nylon tubing or if you would like to evaluate samples, please contact us to speak with your Technical Account Manager.

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